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11th - 22nd August 2022

Marymass is a traditional horse festival held every August in Irvine. Mixing traditional with modern, our 12 days of festivities means there is something for everyone! From horse racing to fireworks, funfair, dog show, live music and so much more

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About the Marymass

The Festival of Marymass dates back to the Middle Ages and the rich pageantry of this fair draws thousands of expats and visitors in August each year. 


Interest in this fair appeared to be flagging a little in the late 1920s and credit is given to the then Provost of the Royal Burgh of Irvine, Peter S Clark, for first proposing that a Marymass Queen be chosen and crowned as a part of the ceremony. A meeting took place with the Captain of the Carters, James Sloan and members of his Society and so it was that Miss Martha McHarg, a pupil from Bank Street Primary School, was chosen to be the very first Marymass Queen in 1928. This added greatly to the event. 

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