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Saturday, 20 August 2022

Marymass Day Crowning and Moor Events

On Saturday, August 20, the glorious moment of the Marymass event will see Queen Elect Kendyl Woods crowned Queen.

The parade starts at 10am on Gottfields Road, then moves on to Bank Street, Thornhouse Avenue, Stewart Drive, Turf Corner, Bank Street, Old East Road before reaching the Townhead in time for the crowning at 12noon.

Then North Ayrshire's newest Provost, Anthea Dickson, will invite the Captain to the Moor for an afternoon of sport before the parade sets off later. Horse racing starts at 1pm.

Marymass festival committee secretary Laura Kerr said: "This is the first year back after a few years and we wanted to come back with a bang and build on expectations.

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